"You Brought Me Home."


my top 5 ouat kisses
#5 philora 2x01

once upon a time meme: ten characters (4/10)

Let’s appreciate Emma’s face (Original x)

Lets Review the Haters' Crack Theories: S3A: OMG Hook is gunna betray everyone! He's working for Pan!
Reality: Helps the Charming-Mills gang rescue Henry, saves David and Neal in the process, and gets everyone back home safely.
S3B: OMG Hook is working with Zelena! Hes totally a flying monkey!
Reality: Sacrificed his ship for the woman he loved, refused to do Zelena's bidding to the point that she had to drown him to get her way.
S4A: Hook is Hans! He's gunna betray Emma and hook up with Elsa!
Realty: Completely different person is playing Hans.

in 2x22 hook offered his ship to emma; in 3x22 he tells her that he gave it up for her

The Frozen Invasion Continues! Once Upon a Time to Introduce Another Character


Hmmm…kind of side eyeing this one.